Struggling to find media sales talent?

We understand that in publishing and media no two companies are the same…

That’s why we are flexible and happy to work with you as much or as little as you need. We can take full ownership of the commercial success of a title and its associated brands, we can work as an extension of your existing sales team on all or a part of your product portfolio, we can work on special projects… or a combination of the above. The choice is yours.

Whether it’s selling display advertising in a magazine or banner advertising on a website, securing webinar sponsors or selling exhibition space, from prospecting to a signed order, and developing existing accounts – we’ve got you covered!

Our experienced media sales team is dedicated to spotting an opportunity, committed to understanding the intricacies of your market, and will deliver increased revenues using a consultative sales approach with a focus on building relationships for long-term growth.

Direct to client, agency, or a mix, our sales team have sold advertising campaigns to small companies all the way through to blue-chip brands. All communication is purposeful, relevant and personalised, and our copywriters work with our sales team to ensure attention grabbing emails.

In a time where differentiation is everything, we are more than just a sales team, we also help you develop your titles and product portfolio by suggesting new profitable revenue streams that flourish and differentiate your offering from your competitors and help you to keep pace with an ever-changing industry.

A selection of publishing and media brands we represent:

“Mapcreator has been partnering with Spread the Word Media for nearly four years and they have overtaken all of our expectations of the perfect partnership. They are first in making sure our existing user base is well supported, they have helped us grow our market share in the UK & Ireland, and they also assist with targeted marketing actions. We feel very sure that this is a long-lasting mutual and beneficial partnership with this knowledgeable company.”

Christian Erades, CCO of Mapcreator BV

“We love working with the team at StWM. They've helped us from an early stage with both sales and marketing campaigns. They're easy to work with, knowledgeable, quick to respond and well connected.”

Pete Fergusson, Founder & CEO of Nemorin Film & Video

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